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BSE Sensex23530.89 -228.01(-0.96)
NIFTY7138.75 -76.95(-1.07)
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[imgleftbottom] The best way to gauge the progress of a city is to see its housing scenario
Section 80G: Donate and Benefit We all come across financial issues that sound Greek. Worry not. We are here to guide you through the maze…
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  Looking to invest for your child? 7 best options that can secure their future
  It is significant for parents to invest in best options to meet children's educational expenses and secure their future
  Section 80G: Donate to benefit
  Choose your pet cause - rehabilitation, art, culture etc - and contribute to avail of tax benefits and gain some goodwill too
  Gold Saving Schemes: An Unusual Way Of Investing In Gold
  Govt announced launching the gold monetization and sovereign gold bonds schemes.
  Nobel Winner Angus Deaton’s Love Affair With India’s Economy
  Most of his career’s best research work had incredible influence in India’s academic and policymaking.
  Financial Terms Tougher To Understand Than SMS Gobbledygook: Britons
  A survey of over 2,000 adults in Britain this week revealed that 14% landed in financial trouble
  EPFO Enters Into Stock Through ETF Route
  Initially, EPFO will invest 5% of its incremental fund flow into stock market which will be around Rs 5,000 crore
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  RBI Discloses Guidelines For New Base Rate
  In the year 2015, banks have just passed on rate cut of 60 to 70 bps to end consumer.
  US Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates
  The US Fed increased the policy rates by 25 bps in line with expectations.
  Crude Oil Prices Are On Downward Spiral
  Crude prices have slumped almost by 60% since July, 2014.
  Anoop Bhaskar Quits UTI MF
  Anoop Bhaskar the head of equities of UTI Mutual Fund House, has recently put in his papers.
  Mahindra Acquires Automotive Design Firm Pininfarina
  Tech Mahindra and M&M will purchase 76.06% of Pininfarina shares from Pincar.
  Snapdeal Mobile App Goes Multilingual
  Snapdeal’s mobile app has recently started user interface in Hindi and Telugu languages.
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Financial planning philosophy is about making small investments in a disciplined manner over a long period of time. [+ more]

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